you'll find that life is still worthwhile
if you just smile
No shoes.
No problem.

Going to see Gladys knight and kool and the gang at the bowl tonight! ! !
It’s gonna be awesome! I got THE cutest baby blue open back skater dress from American apparel to wear :)
Work is pretty good. Very busy. They never make requirements and management is extremely unorganized and incompetent so that makes it hard but the new guy in software that has become my unofficial boss is extremely smart and organized and I’m learning a bunch. He doesn’t teach me the language or technicalities, I have Google and books for that, but he gives me assignments that are new to me and challenge me to think differently, which is what programming is all about. Me and Cosi are designing and almost done coding and styling the whole new gui for this customer All by ourselves! I think I completely understand it now….three years later hahaha. So that’s cool, even though idk why they rely on interns for such a huge project with huge deadlines and don’t even pay me what I think I should get.
But anyway…I was thinking about this time last year and how it sucked with my extreme nonstop headaches and then all the stuff with my pelvic and lower back pain and going to a million doctors. I’m so glad I have a treatment in progress and my headaches magically disappeared for no reason lol.
And my senior year stars in three weeks! Nothing special…hahaha. trying to take an easy schedule so I can get good grades again…last semester I got three bs and a c cause it was really hard :(
Thinking about getting a new internship but the hours on mine are way too flexible to give up.
Anyway…I’m going back to sleep! zzzzzz

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